Is it possible to disable activity monitoring?

Hello there,

I’m curious how much processing power/bandwidth the activity monitoring consumes?
Is data transmitted back to the web portal in real time and constantly? even without being logged into the portal and viewing the data?

Is there an option to switch the activity monitoring off? I can see an option for DPI, however that doesn’t appear to have disabled activity/transmit data from being sent (While it is handy, I’d like to be able to switch it off and only switch it on when I actually need that data)

When you are not actively in the management interface, no reporting is going on.

The reporting that you see is a mix of general raw data and DPI. DPI digs deeper (the D in DPI) and breaks traffic down by protocol whereas general raw data is “this device is downloading 3mbps and uploading 1mbps”.

The reporting has no impact on performance.

The only time DPI might have an performance impact is if you’re completely saturating the WiFi link for long periods of time.

As an example, I have an internal speedtest server and when I run that on my phone, DPI on, 160MHz wide channel to get the fastest speed, I can do a full gigabit both directions. To answer this thread, I disabled DPI and there is a negligible difference, my download actually went down slightly which I’m chalking up as an outlier; perhaps another device on the same AP started downloading something or perhaps my phone was doing something in the background. It was only 3mbps so relative to 1gbps, not much to worry about.

Great, thanks Matt.

When you access the dashboard, does it pull historic information from the AP? cause I can see activity from times when I have had the portal closed.

Yes. This was a UX choice as it would look peculiar with flatline graphs, potentially misleading the user.

Awesome, that explains it :slight_smile: