IP address not shown and TX/RX rate None/None

I was checking today after update the switches to versjon 2.1d.
According to the update information the switches should support wired IP addresses.
There are some ports that gives the IP information on the S24-POE and other does not.
But on the S8-POE the IP does not show at all.

Is there any reason for these devices not giving the port IP information?

I think I read that the TX/RX rate will be fixed in an future release. Which release will solve the issue?

Is there any chance some of the devices that do not show an IP are a static IP? I noticed with mine that anything with a static IP still does not show yet.

Yes all the devices not show the IP adresses are static IP.
But there are other devices with static IP and they show the IP information.
All CCTV cameras and the NAS are on static IP addresses.

So there are only a few static IP devices not getting the information.

The TX/RX Rate issue was a WiFi issue, was resolved in 2.0j, and is unrelated to any switch firmware changes. If you can invite me to your site I can try to understand why the IP addresses may not be showing up on your S8-POE.


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@Astina14 Are the devices in question configured to get a static IP from your DHCP server, or to use a static IP from the client end?

The clients are configured with static IP and the DHCP server has the same static IP configuration. Both end are static IP.
If that is said there are still discrepancies with respect to information shown.
The below snipp shows 2 interfaces both configured in the same manner.

One give the IP address the other does not show the IP address

@Astina14 We’ve identified the cause of the issue, and this will be resolved in the next firmware release. Thank you for the report!

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