iOS App Ready for Public Beta!

Hey, Alta Labs fans!

First and foremost, on behalf of the entire Alta Labs team, thank you for being active in our community. We appreciate you taking the time to engage with us here, provide feedback and help us on our mission to Elevate the world’s networking experience.

We’re thrilled to announce our iOS mobile app is ready for beta testers! Whoever is interested can use the link below to download the beta version of the Alta Labs app. Before you do, we want to provide some general updates and requests:

  1. We are rolling out new updates, sometimes many, every day. These updates are consistently improving the way the app processes data, adding our one of a kind features and improving stability. Please check TestFlight at least once a day to make sure you have pulled down the latest version.

  2. There are a few features left to add/refine to the mobile app that are already deployed in the web UI. These should be in by this weekend. They are:

  • Individual LED settings, when in edit mode, matching the web UI.
  • Filter settings matching the web UI.
  • Schedule feature (deployed, but working on refining schedule on vs schedule off)
  • Bluetooth setup (deployed, but workflow will improve)
  1. Once we get the features above added, and get stability and processing where we want it, we will work on cleaning up some of the UI, layout and design.

  2. Please keep in mind this is a Beta version of the mobile application. As a result, things may not look the same way when our final version is deployed publicly. Also, things may not work all the time, or how you may expect during beta.

  3. In the event you see crashes, please report them through TestFlight. Otherwise, please provide feedback for the mobile app here in the forum!

  4. Android is coming!

TestFlight Link: Join the Alta Networks beta - TestFlight - Apple

Thanks for being willing to download and test the app!


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Hi guys, if you have any feedback, we’ve launched a private Beta forum. If you don’t mind please, create a separate thread in the beta forum (Or TestFlight) with as much info as possible, so we can track that :slight_smile:

If you don’t have access yet, just request it and we can get you added!

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Hi team! May I have access to the beta forum please?



thank you in advance

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Hey Matt, can you please add me to the beta forum?


Looking forward to the release of the Android app in the coming weeks!

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Requesting acess to the beta Forum

Same! I would like access to the beta forum.

I’d like to request access as well