Installed for a friend to test and trial

Hi everyone, purchased the small PoE switch and two AP6’s to test and find out if they are worth offering to my clients, as i currently have setup and manage 90+ Unifi networks with a total of 706 network & CCTV devices.

So my friend had some pre existing data cables and ran a further one into the loft and with just the two the coverage is fantastic, He has 1gbps coming in and easily getting 800+ over wifi without even adjusting channels etc.

Really happy and so is my friend which is a bonus lmao, Good work team Alta!
Also love this forum seems to be a happy positive place and having this equipment available to offer my clients is good, already a registered installer!

One request (may be an option i havent seen) An e-mail or app notification if a device disconnects.

Looking forward to the future products launching and defo a good option to offer my clients!



A couple of pics -


Phillip kindly let me know where the option was :+1:

for anyone wondering - Settings > Users > Notifications

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Two week update - All seems to be working well with good connectivity and performance.

Had to create a separate network for one of the devices (amazon tablet) as it kept trying to connect to 5Ghz all the time and even with a good connection rate it was playing up (looked like a device level issue not an issues with the Alta equipment) So made a hidden network purely for that device and kept it on 2.4ghz only and the problem was solved.

Cant wait to test more of the equipment coming soon!

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