Installation 40cm from the floor

Good morning everyone, for various reasons in a home I need to install a pair of APs about 40cm from the floor and not on the ceiling. What do you think? Do you think it could affect the performance of the devices?

Good morning!

Installing the access point at a lower height is technically possible, and while it’s not generally recommended, I understand that sometimes such arrangements are necessary for specific situations.

It is most likely going to affect signal propagation and coverage. The most unpredictable part is likely the living being factor – living beings, which are composed largely of water, can significantly block or disrupt radio frequency signals. This is most likely to cause intermittent performance or connectivity issues when there are partial or full obstruction of the APs by a living being.

In addition to this, the installation height and location play a crucial role in signal strength and reliability. For example, the experience would be different if you’re mounting 40cm from ground level, or if this is 40cm on a second floor. On the ground floor, obstacles like walls and furniture may cause more signal absorption or reflection, potentially weakening coverage. On an upper floor, despite being close to the ground, the AP may face fewer barriers, potentially allowing for better signal spread.

Being low to the ground also makes them prone to accidental physical hits or damage. To mitigate risks like physical damage, you might consider placing the AP in a less-trafficked area or using a protective enclosure.

Testing the signal strength and coverage before final installation is crucial. It allows you to anticipate any potential issues and make informed decisions about the AP’s placement. You might want to temporarily place the APs in the desired locations to test signal strength and coverage. This can help identify any potential issues before mounting the hardware.

While there are challenges with this setup, we’re here to assist and ensure you get the best possible performance from your Wi-Fi network. I would highly recommend monitoring the signal and coverage after installation. Please let us know how your network performs after installation.