Industry Legend and pfSense Co-Founder Chris Buechler Joins Alta Labs as Principal Architect

Press release here.

Thanks to @Alta-Chase , @Alta-Jeff , and @Alta-Rob for making me look good there. :grinning:

A number of you have known me for years to decades, and I see a lot of familiar handles around here. For those who don’t know me, my previous identifiers in chronological order:

  • cmb@m0n0wall - 20+ years ago I was a significant m0n0wall contributor, where I met some of you for the first time.
  • cmb@pfsense - Co-founder and project leader 2004-2016, met a lot of you there.
  • UBNT/UI-cmb - Principal Engineer at Ubiquiti, 2016-2023.
  • Alta-cmb - now Principal Architect here at Alta Labs.

I’m thrilled to join the team here at Alta, and look forward to working with all of you!



Welcome to the team sir! I absolutely recognize the handle from UI-cmb… you and I chatted a number of times over on those forums.

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Thanks for the welcome! Indeed, I remember you.

I had some growing pains in my younger days on those forums… sorry for any rants from back in the day :). Fresh start over here.

Welcome to the team, Shaq! After all that time at “the U word company”, it was awesome to finally meet you in person last week!


@Alta-cmb Welcome to Alta Labs!

Alta Labs seem to have a very strong team of people on board. Now with the addition of Alta-cmb I’m intrigued to know what the future holds for an Alta Labs router :smiley:


Oh, BOY! :slight_smile:
cmb from both @m0n0wall and @pfsense, never knew you were at Ubnt, but glad to see someone here who has been at this as long as I have!


Congratulations! I can’t wait to what see future products (router, switches, AP, etc.)


Looking forward to what hardware, firmware and software you will bring to the Alta platform!


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