Incredible Strength

While working on a new home today I looked down and noticed I was connected to someone’s else’s WiFi system but wasn’t sure who’s. Once I realized what system I was connected to, I started looking around for the house and realized it was a house I had done a week or so before that was in a another neighborhood that backed up to the neighborhood I was in. What was even more impressive was the amount of signal strength I had so I decided to run a speed test and I was amazed to pull a incredible 219mb and 19mb upload from a distance of around 1000ft away from the other home. That customer has a service that provides a max speed of 500 and 20 upload. These AP6Pros are crazy impressive and after deploying around 50 units into the field, we have zero problems to this point. Great job Alta Labs!!! The photo shows how far away this house was and the AP6 is mounted in the attic of the house in the center of the photo


I had a similar experience last night.

I just got my launch pack out of their boxes and was setting everything up in my office just to play around.

Anyhow, after getting everything adopted and updated, I went to the house to go to sleep (my office is a separate building about 150ft away from my house). The AP was just sitting flat on the workbench, not mounted in the ideal position.

My phone stayed connected to the Alta AP6 Pro that was ~160ft away, through two exterior walls, rather than connecting to the U6+ that was ~20ft from my bed.

Very excited.


The product has been strong and extremely reliable. I have moved all our AP business over from Araknis to AltaLabs now