I'm still having WiFi calling instability :(

Team, I am really not sure what to share now logs wise or whatever… but I am still having Wi-Fi calling stability issues. I have things just about as scaled back as I can possibly get them. I have filtering disabled on every ssid password. I have the “Advanced Settings” as stock as possible. I"m not sure what else to do?

The symptoms are that WiFi calling does not automatically activate on my phone when I get home. I have to always manually re-activate it. This same thing happens when I roam a few times between APs. WiFi calling deactivates and does not re-activate without manual intervention. I am not dropping connection between APs. Roaming is working seamlessly. I have verified this. This symptom is not present with my Grandstream APs, or my cough cough “U” APs… any ideas team, on what we can troubleshoot next? WiFi calling is really important to me, so I am motivated to get it working as well as the Grandstream APs, which are rock solid.

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Thanks for the report! Are you using PSK (Password) or Enterprise networks? Are Fast Roaming and/or BSS Transition enabled? Or?

Packet captures probably will be best, but it may also get tricky. Happy to do some testing here because if I can replicate it easy enough then that would save you some effort. I am not sure I will get to this tonight, but I definitely will this weekend and I will let you know what I see.

Great questions Mike. I am doing some more testing right now with BSS Transition off and Fast Roaming on. My phone seems really happy with that setting so far… I will keep you posted. I already have Matt and Jeff invited to my network… want to join the party?

The worst experience so far was Fast roaming off, and BSS Transition on.

I won’t really know until overnight, but right now it feels like we are on to something. Fast roaming on, BSS Transition off. I just did a 1 hour phone call, walking all around the house, and never lost Wifi calling.

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Thanks for all the info. That’s great news! No rush, please use as you normally would and let us know how things work out.

If it continues to work well, then it looks like the problem is either with or triggered by 802.11v (BSS Transition Management). While it’s possible there could be bugs in the feature/implementation (that applies to client STAs too), environment and cell design can also play a factor. Leaving it disabled can be a simple workaround for environmental or design related triggers, but this would also narrow down what to look at so we can investigate.

Good morning Mike! So far, Wi-Fi calling has been rock solid. This is the first morning since I started testing the Alta APs that I have woken up and Wi-Fi calling is still active! I have also left and come back home and the Wi-Fi calling instantly re-enabled. I will keep testing throughout the weekend and keep you posted.

On the subject of my other post about device names, that behavior has not changed.


I am closing this ticket out. The Alta team is absolutely amazing to work with! Between us all we have determined that IOS struggles with Wi-Fi calling when using any kind of DNS filtering software. The connection resets quite often and makes it SEEM like there is a problem with WiFi.
We have identified a bug of some kind with 802.11r fast roaming… but we are still working on that one as well.

Thanks for all your help!