I have two SSIDs that will not delete

I have two SSIDs on manage.alta.inc that I cannot get rid of. They are the only two on the site. They show up in the app on iOS, safari and chrome. When I swipe to delete in IoS, nothing happens. When I hit delete in safari or chrome, I am logged out. Logging back in reveals both SSIDs are still there. Can support please help me delete them?

I can give site access to whomever needs it to help.

I had this same issue previously. I ended up having to delete the site/account, recreate account/site to resolve the issue. Not saying this is what is needed for your situation.

Exactly the same problem. Like Corrottspc I had to delete the site and create a new one.

I feel that I could probably re-create the problem… It seemed to happen to me when iI deleted my site and user without first deleting the SSIDs. When you create a new site with the same site name and user The SSIDs from the ‘old’ site reappear but you can’t fully access or delete them. I also found that I couldn’t view the SSID passwords as if I didn’t have access to them.

You couldn’t re-assign the SSIDs because it just kept logging you out.

I was able to completely delete my account, wait a while, and create a new one. I’ve been able to get going again. I sure hope no one does that by mistake with a lot of sites on their account.

They would need to accidentally type delete into the keyboard. You must be very intentional in order to delete your account.


Thank you for the tips and help. I dusted everything off, got a new site built, and am all up and running again. Much appreciated.