How to reset an AP6?

Because I replaced my AP6 for an AP6pro, I removed the AP6 from my first site via the web interface.

I now want to use this AP6 on another site, but I can’t get it to work.

The AP6 access point is powered by an S8-POE switch and was visible in the iOS app. I get the ‘Set up’ button and when I press it the next screen shows ‘Set Up Device’. It will then say ‘Connecting…’ but that’s it.

Disconnecting the AP from power, plugging it in and simultaneously pressing the reset button for 20 seconds does nothing. The LED does not light up or flash.

Now the AP6 doesn’t show up in the iOS app anymore when it’s connected to the S8-POE switch. Other APs will come online when connected with the same cable, on the same port.

How do I get this AP online again?

On another PoE+ switch, this AP does not come online either. I am going to submit an RMA request at my local vendor to resolve this.

To perform a runtime reset, you would hold the reset button for 10 seconds. To perform a power on reset, you would power down the device, hold the reset button, power on the device while continuing to hold the reset button for ~5-8 seconds, then release.

During either process the LED on the AP should do something. The fact that there is no LED is not a good sign. It’s interesting that it is showing for setup.

Was there data sync on the interface? Or just PoE? RMAs are handled through the distributor/vendor, although we’re happy to help with that process too. Please let us know if we can be of assistance. Happy to help.

The AP was replaced by my distributor.
Everything is ready for deployment at the client.

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