How to filter dangerous websites?

how to filter/block dangerous websites?
sex , crime , guns , drugs etc…

For more advanced and granular filtering like this, I would suggest looking at third party services such as NextDNS, AdGuard, or DNSFilter.


This. I use AdGuard myself and really like it. You can also look into running a local DNS server like Pihole or setting up AdGuard home on something like a Rasberry Pi. I myself have a GL.Inet security router with Adguard built in.

If you with to buy the premium:

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Buy a raspberry pi, install Adguard on it. OR. Roll your own firewall like OPNsense then install Adguard on that. The api for content filtering in these ap’s is VERY limited and meh.

Hopefully they build a nice sweet firewall / UTM gateway to mate with their switches & ap’s.

We can hope !


If you want to try the built in filters go to settings and click the filter tab. You can enter domains to block as well as select apps and types of content. If that’s not enough then as others suggested there are tons of 3rd party services.

thanks for the many tips I’ll take a closer look at these, thanks

Let us know how it works @TomLeo :slight_smile: