How long till a router?

Is there an ETA when routers will be available? With UBNT silently EOL’ing the USG and 8 port 150w, this has us seriously wanting to jump ship for homes and small businesses. Would love to be able to beta test an early router if anyone at Alta wants to reach out.

For homes and small businesses the USG + 8 port 150w + AC Lite(s) (or in walls) was a power combo for us.

Would love to switch to Alta for that same combo!


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I agree. It would greatly benefit the residential market prosumer. Many of my clients would benefit from this. I’ve deployed hundreds of Unify systems and most non enterprise applications don’t need all the functionality of the Ubiquiti. I also don’t like all my eggs in one basket as far as hardware. I’d prefer a router/security gateway separately from the switch. It would be great if it was open source.