How do I know if its AP6 or the Pro model?

Just received my 3 new APs…I supposed to order AP6-Pros…

In the Dashboard it says regular (not the Pro text on the icon)
On the package it says AP6 and original sticker says AP6
On another sticker on the package it says AP6-Pro (might be from the distributor)
On the back it says AP6 2x2 and not AP6 Pro 4x4?

I’m wondering if the sticker is wrong so the reseller provided me with the wrong ones…

My s/n starts with: AP6A2316B…

Can someone with Pro versions confirm what their s/n starts with AP6PROxxx or something?

Hi @zid can you check the “Network” tab and make sure they’re on the latest firmware? Should be 1.1d
If not there should be an arrow to click to update it…


@Alta-MattH they are on 1.1d.

Can you email me? and we can look into it a bit more?



Thanks @zid we’ll follow up!