How about a little sneak peak....?!?

We got very excited when the big brown courier van rolled up to CompuWhizz central earlier today!!!


Well it wasn’t due to the delivery drivers cheery disposition let me assure you but more what we had tracked all the way from the U.S.


Reply if you’d like to see more! :grin: :shamrock:


What I am most interested in is fan noise.

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I will be sure to make a video/audio recording for everyone to see/hear. Right now I have to go do a site survey!

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Always up for more pictures.

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Man oh man I can’t wait to get my hands on one!


I can’t wait for mine to arrive tomorrow !! SO excited!! Did you notice anything else special in the box :slight_smile:

It’s supposed to be quiet, but I too want to know and when mine arrives ill do a quick sound video !

No, I will have to look again but I didn’t notice anything superfluous in there… What did I miss?

OK so you guys asked and we here in CompuWhizz like to deliver!

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Man I was really hoping they would buck the trend and NOT use those cliche “sounds like a dell server” fans. I sure hope the Noctua 40 X 20 mm fans can easily be swapped in!

Switch has not been adopted to the controller yet as I haven’t had time but I think the fan noise is pretty unobtrusive once the boot process is complete.

It only lasts about 90 secs from cold for it to slow the fan speeds via PWM

Switch itself is all metal, really sturdy and the 10Gb uplinks are choice!

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I just placed an order for mine… I can’t wait!


Hey, where can I order the switches from?

If you’re in the U.S.

Super nice folks.

If in US see rutman’s reply,

You can order them from:

In Ireland

www.kdelectronics.ieIrish Distributer


Or check the site for more!

Nice stylish rack ears, will be mounting this during the week in the cabinet for testing.

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