Hotel WiFi Project - Bucharest - Romania

Hello @all,

We just signed the tender for 254 Ap’s and 24 x24 port poe sw. We will start installation on 20 th this month. If any insight and informations will be greatly appreciated. Will post pictures when we receive the equipments and during installation .


@Stefan.ursu thanks for letting us know about this exciting project! We will reach out to you directly to see how we can support you on this one.


Good Morning,

Christmas has arrived :slight_smile: , hope to start the installation in the following days.


That’s quite a bit of gear there! Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to seeing this project come to life!

Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

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Hello @all,

It’s been a while since we posted , we are now live with 103 equipments. Thanks Philips and Jeff for the support !. We run in a small problem , the ISP NTP port is blocked and DNS was not properly set , this caused the equipments not to be shown in the cloud. All solved with the help of Jeff.
Attached some pictures of the mdf - work in progress and floor racks.


On some floors we are sharing racks with the CCTV unfortunately

Clean install, it looks amazing!

Hello @all,

We are almost finishing the installation of the AP’s in the hotel, today we installed floor 3 and 22 ( pool area) . Hope Friday to be able to route all cabling for Lobby area and by end of year finilazing all ap’s installation . Now 160 devices up and runing ! . Started upgrading to the latest firmware and will check performance tomorrow.


How is the hotel install performing now that it is all in?

Hello @rutman286

We finalized the installation of all AP’s and Switches. All look’s ok , some issues with ISP DNS and this is causing troubles . Now just working on optimizations and labeling :).
Best support received ever ! Thanks Jeff.