Help! Reset my Alta and now it doesn't show to adopt

Reset my Alta AP because I was setting up a new router and it couldn’t be found. Now it doesn’t show up to Adopt. When I reset it, I held the reset for 15 seconds… It blinked for a few then turned solid white. Does not show up in the manage controller to adopt. Any help is appreciated.


Plugged in the old router and same thing. Can’t be found. To confirm should it be solid white when adopting?

Can you try unplugging it, pressing and holding the reset button while powering it on for 20 seconds, it should flash and become white/solid … and see if that makes it appear?

Also, dumb question, but is this the same account? And is it getting a DHCP address?

Same account, Same DHCP.

I’ll give those reset steps a try. Thanks!

I reset it that way, it blinked blue this time instead of white then went solid white. Still nothing.

Can you tell from the DHCP server if it’s getting an IP and can you ping it?

I’m not seeing it in my router at all. However it is being powered. I thought you meant is the DHCP scope the same as before.

Okay, now I’m wondering if its my PoE injector not passing data. Might need to run to bestbuy :open_mouth:

I plugged my laptop into the PoE injector and didnt get any data… however I’m not sure if that’d work.

Hmm … strange, let me know if that changes anything. Feel free to email me to chat about it (

New PoE injector fixed it. I Googled it and it looks like the Ubiqiti PoE injectors always fail. This time I got a Trendnet one.

Wow, strange, good to know. Thanks for keeping us updated!

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