Having to re-authenticate

hey all,

I recently rolled out a new alta install yesterday. But my client is complaining of having to re-authenticate to their wifi SSID frequently. THerei s no unique settings or requirements on this as its a flat network with 4 SSIDS. its the main one thats having issues. Was wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what I might be over looking.

By re-authenticate do you mean re-enter the password? Are you using PSK? Does this behavior happen across different device types?

That definitely isn’t the expected outcome. Did the Alta APs replace another brand? If there was another brand, was all that gear replaced or is some of it still up?

Is it affecting all client devices on the main SSID? Or only some? Is there any specific action that triggers this? Or does it occur at a regular interval? Or just seemingly random? And the other 3 SSIDs appear to be working fine?

Hi @Alta-MikeD and @jeffk931

It replaced TP Link Omada. all the Omada Gear is now gone. and when I say Re-authenticate it means the password has to be re-entered despite nothing changing. Password is still the same, SSID’s are the exact same (Capital Letters or none, etc) I have seen it on windows devices, iPhones, and Android Tablets (Control4 Touch Screens) I noticed it when I swapped the gear out last night and thought I had since resolved it but the Client just messaged me this morning and informed me it was forcing him to enter the PSK again.

Its the main SSID that is having issues. I did noticed it on the second and third SSID yesterday too. Seems to be random as it happened yesterday. I got it stabalized and left the site. this morning I got a message saying it was happening and I had not disclosed to the client it was having issues, I did also notice I had to reconfigure one of my control4 remotes to make it work correctly.

Thanks for all the details! You mentioned nothing special setting wise, but have you changed any of the advanced settings from defaults?

While we generally recommend leaving it enabled, you could try disabling BSS Transition to see if that has any effect on the re-authentication issue (found under Advanced per SSID). At worst, it should make no difference.

You didn’t happen to check AP logs when you noticed this yesterday with your own devices? No worries if not, it’s a long-shot question. How’s the RF environment looking from the perspective of the APs? How’s the overlap of coverage between APs?

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@Alta-MikeD Just got another message saying its happening right now. has to re-enter his PSK