Has the POE power usage disappeared from the Switch Ports?

I used to be able to look at the ports of my Alta Labs 8 port switch to see the power consumption of each port.

Now when I click on the little icon of the AP6 it is only showing me the device name, MAC address, and eth0. I’m sure it used to show how many watts were being consumed at that port?

@oakserver If you just hover over the PoE enabled switch port, you should see the PoE consumption information. The icon right above the device will hold the MAC address, IP info, etc.

If you don’t see it, please let us know.

Thank you!

Thanks, just checked and it’s fine now and works exactly as you say, and as it did in the past.

I swear hovering over the port yesterday there was nothing popping up . I tried Safari, Chrome and the app on my iPhone.