Happy Client = More Clients!

Another very happy client. They were very impressed with the fact that we can tun “OFF” the led’s on the Access Point’s.

I didn’t post any pictures of the 8port POE switch because to many bright flashing lights, and I had to hid it in a box till we make a cover for it. It will now be mounted under a desk with some kinda cover to hide all the bright flashy bits :slight_smile: ( edit, I found that we can turn off the Link lights, my bad )

Used my “ALWAYS” on hand Trendnetworks NaviTEK to verify every run & Vertical cable Keystones & ends.


In response to your video, I sent Vertical Cable an email twice. Unfortunately, no response to either email.

What are you wanting from them ? I use ALL their termination products for my wiring with 100% success rates !

I want to know if they also export their products abroad.

In the same email, I also had a question about the quality of their products. From the keystones ordered through Amazon, I see that the copper conductors are not all the same, in fact, some are up (as they should be) and some are stuck down.

The connections work fine, but it doesn’t seem to me like it should.

This email has never been answered. Not even after a friendly reminder.

But really this is not the right place to discuss this :wink:

Ontopic: I sell few Alta Labs, my customers do not know the brand and find the products too expensive compared to Aruba Instant On, Ubiquiti or TP-Link.

Personally I really like the products and support.

First of all, tplink is GARBAGE! 100% pure CRAP!

Second, Aruba Instant on is ok, but its directed at SMB not home.

Unifi over complicates their switches and networking, and don’t even follow the standards, plus it looks like 1999 legoland, their warranty & support is the worst in this whole world ! Pay $1200 for a switch and only get 1 year warranty ! CRAP!

AltaLabs, is new to the market but what I have seen and done so far is by far the best i have ever seen. Support 100% PERFECT development FAST ! Listening to people & their concerns and ideas 200%. Find me any other company that listens to their customers this fast !!