Guest Network using Email

Hi Guys, I’m looking to set up a guest network whereby customers would use their email address rather than the standard Password we have now.


  • Customer enters email address
  • Customer receives OTP (Would they be able to receive OTP while connected to the guest network?)
  • Customer enters OTP
  • Internet Access granted

I’ve been poking around a little trying to set this up to no avail. Appreciate any help!

Hi Zeph
We’ve built an integration in to Alta for the external captive portal, we’ve enabled auto email verification on our platform , we’ve not enable the OTP we’ve found issues when the customer has no cell signal. But it’s on our list to build check out or drop me message at as we’ve giving away 2 months free usage - no catch. We can switch you on in 30 seconds.

@captivewifi is probably the best current answer. It is a paid option like they said but offers that customization. The Alta hotspot portal is just password. Your router may have an option as well with a few more features i know OPNsense has a captive portal for guest networks. It uses voucher codes so i believe you can setup a server to hand those out. Guest would fill out their email or a forum and as code would be created and emailed.