I work as a Network Administrator for a company in France that specializes in Wi-Fi installations for hotels, stadiums, and other large areas.

We have primarily relied on Ubiquiti for our projects; however, lately, we have encountered some issues so we are in the phase of checking forother Wi-Fi solutions.

I have two questions regarding your products:

Do you have plans to offer a local controller product? As relying solely on the cloud is not a viable option for us.

Does your guest captive portal provide an option to retain connection logs for 365 days(as required by the law in France) ?

Thank you for your attention to this matter in advance.

Best regards,

Hi mate,
I know the Alta team has been listening to the community regarding the local controller and as I understand they have bumped a local controller into their roadmap but as of now; no timeline has been stated when it will be released.

@AD1990 Yes, a local controller option is in the works but I can’t comment on a timeframe. Once we release the remote syslog feature, you should be able to maintain the captive portal logs as long as you like.