Group radio config

Is it possible to radio configure on a group of APs instead of only one AP at a time?
An alternative could be that one could select a pool of channels per site and then let the APs auto select channels from the selected pool.

Yes! You can make use of color codes.

Under Settings → WiFi, specify an SSID configuration and give it a unique color code, then apply that color code to your subset of APs. Rinse and repeat.

Note that the Black color code will apply to all APs so Black cannot be removed from APs, but they can be removed from the SSID configuration.

I think they mean radio config like channel and width and be able to apply those settings to multiple APs at the same time instead of one by one

Gotcha. In that case, no, there’s nothing like that currently. If that’s what you’re looking for, then I would submit a feature request.

Hi Matt and Jeff,
Thank you for both your responses.
Jeff, you are exactly right about configuring channel and width.