Great first impression

We were lucky enough to be provided with a sample AP6-PRO unit to put through its paces earlier this year and our initial thoughts on this product and the controller have been great.

Straight away you can tell that the product is a quality item with the look and feel of the packaging as well as the product itself. The size and shape of the unit helps it to blend into the environment (in our case, a white drop ceiling) with ease and we all agreed that this is one of the better looking devices we have seen.

The performance of the unit was faultless and the feature set available on the controller software was both rich and easy to manage with certain features, such as the single SSID with multiple passwords to differentiate between user groups being a very nice addition which sets Alta apart from the competition.

The controller software itself is also very quick to make changes to the point that we were, at first, unsure as to whether the config had been taken by the AP6-Pro as we expected it to take quite a bit longer than it did. Very impressive.

The more “techy” settings, such as wireless scanning for channel selection, that home users may have previously struggles with or avoided completely have a very informative yet simple presentation which will help those user groups to easily configure the devices to avoid the “leave it on auto” issues that can sometimes be seen.

Alta themselves have also been fantastic throughout and have taken any feedback submitted on board and actioned this in a timely manner.

Exciting times ahead and can’t wait for the roll out to begin.


Hey @Frazer_Last thanks for the great feedback! Glad to have you here and looking forward to these exciting times ahead too :sunglasses: