Google Orion Compatibility

Hello, I am have been looking at Alta Labs but have always been wondering if they are compatible with the Passpoint protocol so I could use Google Orion or if so does Google Orion work?


@microbot Yes, they are! We are working on a KB article to explain how to configure it, but in the meantime, I can DM you an example power-user config that should work.

@Alta-Jeff Please DM me too! Thanks.

I did message you privately, can you let me know if you don’t see it?


Can you also DM me the config @Alta-Jeff

Sure @benmott

I’ve written a guide on it, not sure what the rules on this form are for posting links. But if you dm me I can send it to you as well.

Don’t know how to DM here would you be able to send it too me?