Goodbye TP-Link Omada. Hello Alta!

Hello All,

I recently had a call from my custom home builder client that his Wi-FI system that was installed less then a year ago was unstable. This was a home he had build 11 months prior. At the time Alta was not in the game of wifi and networking hardware. Ubiquti was out of the question due to multiple reasons. Grandstream I Was still unsure of as they didn’t have a decent router at the time. We ended up going with TP-Link Omada. One of the big complaints I got about TP-Link was the look of the access points. it worked fair for a few months. 2-3 months in the router kept crashing and locking up. PPPoE would break almost 3 times a week. I tore the TP-Link router out and Put a Grandstream router in. That seemed to solve the issue for awhile. This is a picture of the outside of the house

Recently we started seeing wifi just not working or staying connected. after trying troubleshooting for a few weeks We agreed it was time to rip the TP-Link Omada out. Here is pictures of what I took out

New AP Mounted

New switch Incoming

In the dark


Speed Test

Again Alta, you don’t disappoint! On a side note: When installing these AP’s I couldn’t believe how fast they installed. I went from 20-30 minutes trying to line up a ubiquiti AP on Sheet Rock Ceilings to 90 seconds from bolting the mount to the ceiling to just clipping the AP To the mount. Anyone who is complaining about the design clearly has not done other installs. Others are easy on drop ceiling but these are amazing game changers when you cant get your hand on the other side of the ceiling.

thanks again Alta



Awesome story! Thanks for sharing all the details!

Very nice setup!

@panthergm Incredible! Love seeing Alta Labs go into such a beautiful project!