Future Products Shown in ISE 2024 Video…

I may be late to the party but anyone catch the monitor showing off a physical controller and router in the background?

ISE 2024 Alta Labs


Controller I assume, mentioned on this page:



Router I assume

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I was hoping for a rack-mounted router. :frowning:

I’m down for whatever, my rack just won’t look as clean. :slight_smile:

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It would be nice if manufacturers took rack mounting & din rail mounting of smaller equipment into consideration during the enclosure design phase.

For rack mount, take a hint from the rb5009 that lets you secure 4 in a 1RU space with an affordable bracket.

DIN mount- keep power on the same side as the rest of the ports and I’m happy to screw a third party mount into the plastic casing.

We have started din rail mounting all our small business non-RU networking equipment and it keeps things so much more organized than wall mounting each individual piece.

Too many routers on the market are not rack mounted, you don’t need a high end router to be racked.

I feel that any network device or security firewall should have the option to rack mount, so it can be professionally secured as opposed to putting it on a shelf.

Whether it is rack mountable or not, it would be nice to have a kit to rack mount it, so it can be properly secured with the rest of the networking equipment.


It is nice that they listened to our recommendations and built hardware based on them, the local controller, the router, and more APs.

Like many of you, I would prefer rack-mounted hardware because it is cleaner in my rack but the fact that they modified the roadmap to release new devices earlier than expected is insane.

Also, we need to keep in mind that rack-mounted options could end up costing more to make. Since Alta Labs is still a new brand in the world of networking gear, I think it is normal to start by looking at what people like and which devices they are willing to spend their money on.

Good job Alta Labs! I can’t wait to test these out and make honest reviews for the community.

P.S. Continue listening to the community and improving the networking gear equipment, we love that!


The plan is to have a rackmount adapter for the router.


Knowing that there will be an adaptor to rackmount, it solves the problem. It is not as sexy as a full rackmount router BUT it is way better than having to leave it on a shelve alone :frowning:

If I have to let one go between these,

  • 2.5Gig
  • POE
  • 10Gig SFP+
  • rackmount

I would probably pick rackmount since It is more esthetic than functional.

Also, you are probably tired of Ubiquiti / Alta Labs comparison but if you think about the UDM Pro… If you removed the HDD slot, the device would have looked pretty “empty”. As an example, the “new” UDM Pro Max with 2 HDD… They removed POE from the Special edition one to have 2 HDDs instead… In that scenario, I would have preferred having 2.5 gig ports, POE, and/or SFP+ wan instead of 1G ports without POE and 2 HDD slots… but I guess it is all about personal choices and they just boosted the price… so no thanks I prefer having a router on a shelve and paying less than paying an insane amount of money to have a rackmount UDM Pro Max.

I would be more than happy to be challenged on that point if someone has different points/visions ahaha There are also multiple ways of seeing things. So to improve my understanding go for it :slight_smile:

There is no comparison :laughing: jk kinda

Yeah, the problem is there are just soooooo many options. One user may need SFP+ where as another is going to need as much PoE as possible. The old saying “you can’t please everybody” rings true. Modularity would solve a chunk of the needs but also add $$$ to the production cost which would, of course, raise the retail price of the router.

We feel as though this router will be a good sweet spot as far as hardware vs. software features vs. cost are concerned. Keep in mind, just because this is the first router from us, that doesn’t mean it’s the last router from us :wink:


That’s awesome, just make a rack kit for it.

My suggestion would be one that fits both the router and controller

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That’s a cool idea!

Thats how my firewalla gold plus is mounted at the mo - I have their rack mount kit and my model and intel nuc also fit hidden on the shelf with their ethernet ports exposed via the couplers.
Works really nicely - would suggest checking it out if you need inspiration for a suitable rack mount kit :slight_smile:

any info/time-frame that can be shared about the router hardware ?

Personally I think you hit the nail on the head hardware-wise. Can’t wait to test out the accompanying software.

Shell access, extensible, low latency?

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