Forum Multi-Factor Authentication

I’m digging the Purple, black, and white theme!

I poked around and can’t find out where to enable MFA – am I looking in the wrong place or is it not enabled?



@Matt I figured out the MFA – but can we put it on the Forum side instead of the controller side or has some sort of notice that tells folks to go the controller to enable MFA?

@Willie_Howe we use the same authentication for the device management / controller platform, and the forum, and the upcoming helpdesk … so the SSO authentication will be the same.

But I see what you’re saying … let me pass this on to the team.

Thanks for the feedback!


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@Willie_Howe for now the best way to enable MFA is through the controller platform. And we’ll do a better job making that clear to users, and maybe improve the UX a little … but thanks for pointing this out!

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