Fitness Culture Uses Alta Labs AP6-Pro Access Points to Improve WiFi

Fitness Culture is a gym located in St. George, Utah. It was founded by Co-Owner, Steve Cook, one of the most recognizable faces in fitness. Steve has competed in several bodybuilding and physique competitions, he’s been a spokesperson for, Optimum Nutrition, and Gymshark, and he was also a coach on the USA network’s “The Biggest Loser”.

Steve created a fitness app called Fitness Culture that provides world-class training, nutrition, and fitness programs. The Fitness Culture gym and offices were created as a home base with the goal that it does what so many gyms had done for Steve over the years. A place where you can work on your craft, chase your dreams, and just have fun. Above all, Steve wants to build a community at Fitness Culture.

The Fitness Culture Gym and Offices were using a router/WiFi combo installed near their offices. The WiFi coverage in the offices was less than stellar and it was even worse in the gym areas. The gym utilized a handful of Sonos Play 3 devices to provide music for the clientele. Unfortunately, the playback streams became a great source of frustration for the owners and the athletes. The streams would stop regularly on their previous WiFi solution. The gym area also has a point‑of‑sale system that also suffered delays and failed transactions due to intermittent WiFi issues. Needless to say, the free WiFi provided to gym members was also a source of frustration with inconsistent connectivity.

Two Alta Labs AP6-Pro Access Points were installed at the site. One in the office area and one in the gym area. WiFi performance is now solid throughout the entire complex. All of the issues they were previously having, no longer exist.

The AP6-Pro has a sleek, compact design that easily integrates anywhere. Our proprietary QuickMount™ technology provides mounting versatility for quick, simple mounting. The AP6‑Pro was easily mounted on the wall in one of the offices at Fitness Culture.

Another AP6-Pro was installed high above the gym on a board running across the ceiling. The AP6-Pro is powered over Ethernet, so cabling was run back to a closet along the top of the boards.

Check out the video of the installation here

For more on Fitness Culture, check out the App site and their Gym site.

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