First setup failure (resolved)


I just received my 8 Port switch and AP6 pro and was super ready to setup. I was already looking to get this setup but talked a buddy into it as well and he got his up and running in minutes.

This was not my experience, unplugged prior network which consists of the FIOS G3100 router.

I ran ethernet from ONT to switch port 8
AP6 pro poe port 1
Gaming pc port 5
Plex machine port 6
Powered on some how I was directed to app so I booted it up right away it detected both the switch and AP without a problem. It stated there was an update to one or more devices but no update button was visible.

After several minutes trying from PC and app it showed up on app but it would not complete and my pc kept disconnecting from the web. Finally pulled power held reset powered up after a few minutes and now I have a flashing red logo from the switch HELP.

Hi @Pdotc … any chance you can send me an invite to that site so I can take a look?

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How can I do that

You can go to settings > users and invite, and I’ll get an email notification, and will take a look


Will do now

Got it working last night 3am by plugging the Verizon router to the switch and was able to update and get some traffic. Unplugged the the router anost connection again, so I ended up redoing the connection with the router to get my work PC and Plex server online.

Yes I was going to ask. you if you completely removed your router, and connected the fiber from Verizon directly to the switch. You will definitely need a router to get access to the other devices.

I just took a look and it seems like everything is working as it should, but if you need anything else, let us know!


So I cannot eliminate the router and just use the switch and APs?

Verizon fiber to ONT then ethernet out. If I plug that ethernet directly to my PC it registers an IP and connects online, so I figured I can go fiber to ONT to ethernet to 8 Port switch (hardwire 3 PCS) and then two AP6 pros to provide wifi to the house and eliminate the verizon router all together.

You would still need a router, the router is what gives out the address and also allows routing out the the internet, the switch basically just allows you to expand your network to allow more hardwired devices to connect.

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Thanks I was having a serious … mental moment. Any recommendations for something small whole point was to get rid of this big FIOS router why adding functionality and control. Maybe a firewalla may work.

I haven’t used firewalla but i hear good things about them, you could also look at the pfsense netgate 1100. Unifi has some new options, one of their new ones is the cloud gateway ultra which has their controller built in and its $129. I think the netgate is little less than $200.

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I believe all three of those you will need to buy a hardware controller or self host it on a computer or server.

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Useful and in good price to control and route, maybe a Mikrotik router.


I think the hexs still handles 1 gig.