First impression

Was searching for an alternative for UBNT when i came across ALTA.
Ordered one and unpacked it last week.

Currently comparing it in my home with a TP-Link EAP.

First thought of the AP6-Pro.
Nice packaging, everything you need is in the package to mount it to the most surfaces. (Wall, Ceiling, on top of a desk and mounted ceilings)
Device feels good, compared to TP-Link and UBNT in the same pricerange
The way you have to click the device on the brackets feel a little unnatural.

In a world where TP-Link and UBNT use an adopting technic to add the device to a management portal I was a little lost on how to get the device in the portal. But after logging in to management, and just waited a few minutes the device was there. Great feature!

The Management overall looks great, very responsive and realtime data.
The option to have multple passwords for 1 netwerk with there own VLAN and DATA Rate settings is great. Also the ability to put a device in a VLAN after it is connected great!!

Swapping the TP-Link to the ALTA looked simple but my POE injector wasnt supporting the ALTA.
So had to swith back to the TP-LINK and search af work for another POE injector.
With the new POE injector the ALTA came to life.

First impressions of the Wi-Fi quality feels fast on browsing webpages, speedtest are good.
Using the network more and more it feels like sometime it is blocking content.
When visiting webpages with photo’s in slideshows it show the first 2-3 photo’s and after that all pages are blank.
seeing this on sites like, but also in the app of ALIEXPRESS.
Refreshing the pages will fix it, but it was something i didnt have to do on the old TPLINK network.

Overall it is a promissing product, defently will order 2 more units to replace all the AP’s in my house.

Cant wait for the switches to be released.


I also have this issue with loading content/images. I have a support case regarding loading issue with Facebook app, but after i have used alta ap for a few more days i have seen the same issue on other web sites and app

@michel.feld thanks for the feedback!
A couple of questions …

What voltage/amperage PoE injector were you using?
Were you using just 1 AP? If you change the channel size to a smaller size, do you experience the same issue?

Thanks @Erik_Bakke Can you also try a smaller channel size and try another 5GHz channel, and see if the problem still persists?


@Alta-MattH already did it.
I live on countryside, not many wifi networks near me. both ap`s was running at CH36, after scan i set to best channels. tested 40 and 80mhz. same issue. if I just switch back to unifi ap, all good.

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I’ll have to check the voltage/amps, Let you know.

Today i’ll receive more AP6-Pros to fase-out the TP-Links in my home.
I’ll set the channels back to 20MHz and let you know the result.

Didn’t hear my wife complain about missing content see has an iPhone, i’m on Android.
Maybe it is endpoint related.
@Erik_Bakke on what device type are you?

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Do you have IPv6, I had this issue and it went away when I disabled IPv6 on the wireless VLAN.

Initial impressions are the hardware seems nice and Solid (Although I’m a bit surprised the 6 Pro is only Gbit on the Ethernet side, I would have thought given the max speeds 2.5Gbe would make more sense)

Support seems decent so far based on the conversation I had with them yesterday, but given the VLAN issues some people have run into and a possible IPv6 issue I feel that perhaps the software side needs more work.

Certainly I’d not be comfortable deploying these into a production environment at the moment with these issues present, although hopefully it’s just a few teething troubles and assuming Alta manage to reproduce them they’ll be quickly fixed by a software update.

1st issue… sounds like you’re running a POE AF injector and not AT. 30w injector.

Yeah, the TP Link was powerd by a 24v POE injector…
That one has been tackled by switching over to UBNT Poe injector.

Be careful… 24v is always hot. So you COULD have damaged the AP by plugging it up to that injector.

Maybe not… Just saying to be on the look out. Just in case.

Yes the 48V PoE injector should work fine… Glad you got that working!

I was looking for some alternative on the market and found ALTA.
The feel is awesome and the packaging very nice.

Today I got my first AP6 Pro, but I am frustrated that the AP does not broadcast the SSID. Maybe a defective one? Tried to contact support but the reply is that I have been restricted to the helpdesk.
Any suggestions?

@Mauricio can you try enabling the “Auto On” feature in the Network Tab > click the AP > Settings? And see if that changes anything? If the AP can’t reach the internet by default it won’t broadcast, so devices won’t connect to an AP without connection to the internet.


Hello Matt
Yes, I did that, but I had to erase everything, reset and now it is working!
Thank you!

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Awesome, thanks for letting us know!

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