First impression is important, and its good

Just received our first AP6PRO’s

Nice box and presentation if maybe a bit overworked as its still just a packaging box- But I like it either way.
Just feels it must add to the total cost :wink:

Created an account some time ago, and logged in to the account hooked up the first device and started reading the documentation, the AP had already populated the dash!! Cool, RELY like it so far.

Well lets hook another one up and have a look at meshing, hooked it up and started reading just to notice that this meshed node already established a connection and was available in the dash! VERY VERY Cool!!

I like it even more.

Moved our current SSIDs to the “Home Base” so we would not have to reconfigure anything, and it all works.

Wierd a LablePrinter to the meshed AP and to no suprice by now, it just worked.
Extremely COOL, my expectations was that it would need som configuration!

Speed is also good, did some simple test from different spots and get SPEED ranging up to + 700Mbit
and walking around it stayed +350 throughout or small office Up to three wall between phone and AP.
Better than all other products I tested (close Pair to unamed other WiFi 6 AP )
But with a much better ease of use, price, dash , presentation etc.

Went outside and measured from our garage, still 120Mbit and also best of the products we tested so far.

I will be doing some more testing as this was just the unboxing and first run, not very scientifically conducted. But atleast gave me a hint of what we are dealing with here.

Also ended up with a few questions, will post them under Feature Requests


What app are you using? Looks pretty cool!


Wi-Fi AR, pretty cool for quick measurements.


That app is pretty cool! Thanks for the story :slight_smile: Keep us updated how it’s working…