First Alta labs client install

I run a boutique WiFi / AV installer based in Dubai - we install a lot of Ubiquiti and Aruba kit in the past but always looking for something new. Have been testing an AP6 and AP6 Pro for a while, but are now getting them out to clients.

Did a small 3 AP6 plus 8 port switch setup for a client in a townhouse, the homes here all come with existing infrastructure and the clients are renting, so wall mounted APs, switch in their network cabinet and a firewalla purple to run it all and also provide a VPN network via a second SSID / Vlan.

From this:

To this:

And replaced their little D-link router and second network in their bedroom with this:

Works really well, 600Mbps+ throughput from the APs and it roams nicely.

Next confirmed Alta Labs setup is a 7 AP6 Pro + 16 Port switch + Firewalla Gold SE, with ceiling mounted APs so shall post that up when it happens…


Hi Adam,

nice job, rented homes are the worst they leave very little to no creativity :slight_smile:

We are in the same business just that I’m in the SF Bay.


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This is awesome, thank you for posting Adam!

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We do loads of rented homes here - and yes, makes it a bit tougher. Especially when you’re quoting $2500+ setups…
Still, it pays the bills and we get a decent amount of renovation work which are much more fun. I just need more decent staff!

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That’s a tough budget, but with Alta Labs you can still get by with, we use Alta Labs to attack the “prosumer market” (eero/orbe etc) in our custom buildouts we use a different brand which I won’t mention here, but you can find it in my profile. Recruiting has been tough especially when you need people with construction & low voltage background. Installations with us usually start at $8K on average just in labor alone.