Firmware update


Do you have an eta on when the next firmware release is being planned? And if so, have you been able to resolve the multicast issue around device discovery? (ie. SONOS, Chromecasts etc?)

@Jlee1972 We deployed 2.0d last night that should help with this.

If this does not help your specific deployment, would you mind sharing if you have VLANs deployed, and if you are trying to cast across those VLANs?

Hi @Alta-Chase, yes I saw the 2.0d and installed it. Unfortunately it didsn’t fully resolve the connectivity issues. The hardest issues to pinpoint and resolve are the ones that happen intermittently and that’s what seems to be happening on my setup. I have 2 AP 6 pros and your S8-PPOE Switch (which btw is the best looking switch I have ever seen!). Please DM me your email address and I can help with any logs to help troubleshoot. In terms of your question around VLANs, I didn’t touch the settings and all show VLAN 1.

@Jlee1972 Thanks for the quick reply! DM sent with email.