Firmware Downgrade Ability

Vote here to get tracking on end user ability to downgrade firmware.


Thanks for getting this setup - it was on my list of things to do today.

yes, handing over admin rights to the network is not a good practice just to downgrade firmware. They could easily make this an option in the UI.

And I see that instead of adding this they added the option to hide your passwords from invited admin…
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If there’s an issue with a new firmware version, we’d like to troubleshoot and see what is going on, and if necessary we can roll back or revert specific changes.

Contact us directly and we’ll take a look :slight_smile:

There are also engineering challenges we’ll have to encounter with going backwards. (e.g. new settings disappearing, etc). Let us discuss for a bit and see if there is a good middle-ground solution. We don’t want it to turn into the wild-wild-west out there :wink:

If I may offer a second opinion… I have had a good chat with support to learn more about their perspective on the firmware releases, and it has changed my viewpoint. Hear me out. There are a lot of us coming from other vendors that have gotten used to regularly rolling back firmware updates, especially in our “home labs”. However, if I put my sysadmin hat on for a minute, that is NEVER something that I have done in my enterprise environment. In the enterprise world we expect firmware to be rolled out much less often than we see in the consumer space. We are okay with this, because we expect it to be well tested and vetted before GA release. Rollbacks in a huge environment of employees is not well received.
In addition, allowing stale firmware to be used, and allowing rollbacks on demand, makes it very hard to move forward smoothly. As Alta continues to release new feature sets, these will require firmware updates to support those features. It makes things very messy to roll back to firmware(s) that don’t support the features they make available for everyone else.

I know it is a culture shock for a lot of us, but perhaps it’s time to put a bit of trust in Alta that they will (and can) in fact roll out good tested firmware to us, and will be there for us if there is a problem. Those of us that have been working with them for a bit know they are Jonny on the spot when it comes to support.

The most important takeaway here is, if you are having a real issue, please reach out to support. There are lots of ways to get ahold of them, and the Alta team is growing all the time. You WILL get help with your issue, and if a firmware downgrade cannot be avoided, support will be happy to help you through it. The more we support Alta, and the more clearly we help them squash out bugs, the better their equipment will be.


Thanks @rutman286 we’re here for you! Thanks for your feedback :open_hands:

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the key there “WELL TESTED”. we get bad firmware rollout and no way to roll back while waiting for the next possible update (months?) down the line… in a home environment some family members might kill the others without working network.

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