Firewall or router coming?

Hi guys,
Currently on Ubiquiti and have just ordered a few Alta AP-6 Pros.
Are there any plans for a firewall or router?

I see that some switches are under way, and then I just need to replace my USG.

What do you guys use today?

@zid Thanks or supporting Alta Labs! Yes! A router is on the product roadmap for 2024! As we get into early 2024, we will be releasing more details on it.

Hot-take (based on my previous experiences with Unifi):
Don’t put all of your eggs (routing, switching, wifi) in one basket. We extensively (and exclusively) use pfSense for routing and firewalling; and Unifi for everything downstream. This is slowly changing to a Unifi-Alta hybrid while we “patiently” wait for Alta ethernet switching hardware to land in our lap. (Hint, hint; @Alta-Chase!)

Similar story here. We have been primarily MikroTik routing and switching (where IPS is not required) and ubiquiti WiFi. PFsense has been special use when IPS is required, but I have never found any other need. MikroTik has been great to work with and very reliable, but they aren’t paying attention to the multispeed POE access switch requests, so I’m starting to look elsewhere. tried really hard to win us over at one point, but with their switching and WiFi being white box, they just couldn’t get it together enough for us to feel comfortable.
So here we are! Alta I really hope your switching comes out as strong as your WiFi.