Filtering per SSID, not just per site

I use NextDNS right now to filter my kids network devices. I realize the filtering on the APs is not mobile, but hear me out. In my scenario, as my kiddos grow, the sites they can access grow with them. I know there are instances in an office environment where things work that way as well. Some departments might need access to Youtube, while others don’t. However, NONE of them need access to TikTok. Perhaps think about a way where your filtering could evolve to be more granular. Maybe at a password level, maybe at an SSID level.

Keep up the amazing work guys. It’s been a long time since I have had access points as stable as yours at anywhere NEAR this price point!

Hi @rutman286 we have received a few requests for this, so it’s possible we could rearrange this. We are discussing it internally and will keep you updated.