Filter per device

Can I set filters per device?
I want to block for eg. YouTube on my kids tv’s only.
Can this be done on a per device basis?

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I would recommend to set up a different SSID and filter based on that. You can have multiple SSID with each access point.

For example KidsWifi and you can block those site altogether rather than per device.

Yeah I thought that was the way. Wanted to kindoff avoid having multiple ssids though

I understand that.

Per device I can only see options to mark a device to not use the existing filter via bypass.

ok so i have done this method.
If i filter Youtube only it works. if i select multiple filters such as “youtube, videos, social”. then it seems the filters dont work, accessing youtube is still able even though its selected as a filter…
It ony works if youtube only is filtered…???

I have not tried the filtering feature as I use a firewall (like pfSense) to do that filtering.

I can try tomorrow (I am based in Central Time zone) to see what I experience. What version of firmware is on your access point? (That is going to be a question others will ask.)

My firmware is 1.1f.
I use pfsense too but tend to have issues with blocking YouTube in particular as there are so many alternative ip’s etc. found this to be a simpler solution

Some of the apps it’s hard to keep track of all of the IPs the CDNs are using. But blocking by domain should work.

I just tried with a few apps / domains and it was working for me… I think the larger apps like YouTube might be challenging just based on how many IPs they have, but we can look into it …

If you see any that don’t work let us know.

Can Alta Labs bring some level of transparency by sharing what is being used for the blacklists?

I do not think there is going to be a magic solution here. pfSense’s pfBlockerNG does allow you to control which blacklist you can use for the block logic. I think it is similar to what the Pi-Hole project does.

For myself…

  • I don’t trust my ISP to block anything for me. My ISP is part of a larger company that wants to sell data. Xfinity has
  • DNS is hard to sort, filter, or block. What worked for me is to block anything that is not using 853, but recognizing that some DNS requests might be using HTTPS/TLS.
  • While there are solution like OpenDNS or for Families, these sites are still going to collect data. OpenDNS is own by Cisco now and Cloudflare has try to be as transparent as possible for its data practices.

In the end these are switches and Access Points. The real data work/data protection happen at the firewall level (which is connected directly to the Internet). Any of my uses for Alta Labs’s Access Points (or the S24-POE) are devices that I would be using for managing my network downstream from the firewall.

Ours is similar to OpenDNS in that you add the hostnames and it filters the IPs. Obviously it’s not 100% fool proof, but we will have more features available in our router / gateway :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have different filters for different passwords (or even different SSIDs)? For example can I have a filter that applies to Kids 18 and under and other filters that apply to kids 13 and under. For example, block youtube for kids 13 and under and not block for Kids 18 and under but block tiktok?

I think the best you can do right now after looking is setup filters and have 1 password that is filtered and then 1 password that bypasses filters as filters are system wide not per device, per SSID, or per password.

My idea for this Per Device Filtering With Color Groups