Feedback and comments after a few weeks of use

Hi Alta Team,
Here are some feedback that I would like to share:

  • Web / Devices: Align signal icon to the left so it’s on par with the Signal header.

  • Web / Dashboard: Network activity has a gray border…devices and top application cards has no border

  • Web / Devices: Why do you have another font (Roboto Mono) on IP and Address? (Even though its numbers, it’s not the same as other numbers on the page like channel/port etc? Easier to read when many numbers?

  • General: Why are you calling it ”Network Devices” for the ”infrastructure” and ”Devices” for the actual ”clients”? I know more than me has suggested to rename Devices to clients that actually connect to the ”infrastructure” and then just rename ”Network Devices” to Devices that composes of Alta equipment…

  • General: Notifications in app & email if an AP has lost connectivity or if a new update has been discovered or the load on an AP has been peaked over 90% for more than 5 minutes or something.

  • App / Dashboard: Add the badges at the top for number of network devices, devices (clients) and applications. The same as on the web. Nice to have at a glance.

  • App: Add a heat map function to map the coverage

  • Web: Collapsed view to be able to see more rows, columns and minimize the whitespace

  • Web / Devices: Add the possibility to show more than 10 items in a row… 25, 50, 100 etc, then go with pagination.

  • Web: When pressing an AP to get into the settings and then press another AP for the settings I think it would be best to suppress the first AP settings screen.

  • Web / Dashboard & Devices: rebuilt one site from scratch and I cannot see 1D graph of the network activity…however I can see Real Time, 1H, 2D and 2M… new site has not been operational for 24h yet but why is 2D and 2M showing?

  • Web / Devices: Under options - have the possibility to add ”Last seen” for the actual clients…

  • Web / Dashboard: Able to drill down on the badges like ”Network Devices”, ”Devices” and ”Applications”. At least have links to its designated page

  • Web / Dashboard: Able to expand the top applications and see what clients that are currently bumping this into the top 5

  • Web / Dashboard: Add a dashed line to track the number of connected clients alongside the upload and download lines…

  • Web / Dashboard: Client health. How many clients have very good (green signal strength), how many have ok signal (yellow) and how many have poor (red) signal strength. All these figures are helpful at a glance in the dashboard… perhaps like a doghnut chart.

  • Web / Dashboard: when pressing ”No Name” client on the Top Active Devices one should be able to rename that client under the ”settings” screen

  • Web / Dashboard: See how many clients are connected to specific VLANs…

  • Web / Dashboard: Add some more at a glance metrics. Max number of clients connected today. Weekly, monthly…example:(Today: 52 Current/76 Total)

  • Web / Dashboard: Add total upload/download for today

  • Web / Dashboard: Number of APs connected. How many are up to date…what is the uptime percentage etc?

  • Web / Network: While going in to an AP settings, add another ”tab” to show currently connected clients.

Hi @zid we’ll look into these and get back to you :slight_smile: There are definitely improvements we’re working on, but the feedback is very appreciated while we’re going through the design/development processes.


Thats a nice big list and some very good ideas !! If implemented this will be a solid awesome product !!