Features that include Dante support

In this price range, this equipment become popular in the non-profit space. In churches and other event venues where audio-over-IP is likely to exist, Dante is the likely platform being used. In my limited exposure and in many places where this is discussed, it’s very popular to build a parallel Cisco smb network dedicated to Dante. I think it’s ridiculous for the small amount of audio traffic, but the settings for Dante are crucial as the Dante network scales. Anyway, watching as your product line grows and good luck!

@mikesg Thank you for the input/feedback regarding Dante! With the background of our parent company (SVT), we are very familiar with the importance of Dante in the marketplace. We will be sure to share your notes with our development team to assure we are ready for Dante customers.

Thought I would update the thread with this article. Thanks for the effort in this!

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Thanks @mikesg !