Feature Request/Hardware update request - Add G.hn as an alternative to mesh where applicable

Hi there,

I understand mesh has a ton of *'s added to it from every vendor…and I even understand why…so, how about a power line network(G.hn) option? I know it’s not an “enterprise” feature, but some G.hn capabilities might help offload the mesh requirement and add a reliable adjacent option for some customers. I know there are other G.hn products out there that are just trash and honestly most of the readers of this are probably going right to those examples…but G.hn has grown quite a bit and in a pinch can really make an impossible data cable run, possible…I have a few small and medium sized biz customers that rely on it everyday with very few complaints…anywho ill go back to my cave, thanks for the read!

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Hi Eric! Thanks for posting. As of now, we do not have any plans for any powerline products but it could be something we consider in the future. Keep the ideas coming!