Factory reset command?

Does a way exist to factory reset APs and switches via a URL?

Long story short, I attempted a backup and restore on my local controller which unfortunately did not work and now I have a blank configuration. All my switches and APs are still functional but they are no longer joined to the controller. I need to factory reset them, but would like to avoid having to get the ladder and press the button on all them manually.

I had the same issue trying to restore on the local controller. Here’s the command I was given by the Alta team.

then reboot

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Problem is, I have no way to add an SSH key to the APs at this point

If they aren’t pointing to any controller then the only way is the hard reset with a pin.

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If the APs were previously joined to the controller the SSH key config will still be present and you can log in.

Looks like I only added an SSH key to the controller, not to the APs. So ladder it is :frowning:

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Remember 3 points of contact :wink:

Better yet, we need support to fix the backup/restore functionality. Or at least put a big red warning in the controller stating “restoring a backup will cause you to lose all your data and need to factory reset everything and start all over”.

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I do agree. Local controllers are, AFAIK still beta.