Factory default device - Remote adopt off Alta cloud

In my long days of SDN, I have learned that devices get corrupt, cranky and out-right uncooperative. My solution was always reboot first, if not then factory default, re-adopt, move forward. Easy if you are on-site or have an active controller on-site. I imagine as this Alta-Labs eco-system evolves this won’t be a factor but for now, with two AP’s, it would be real nice to zero out a device and re-adopt it remotely if things are not working out. I can see this working for service and support but also for initial installation where the wise guy at the corporate office can just query the mac address and adopt it off the Alta cloud to his site. A device is either adopted or it is not. When adopted and owned by an account, it’s off the query list. When it’s lit and online and looking to hook-up, if a tech knows the number, he can adopt a hot AP off the cloud and have a good time.

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