External Captive Portal - now live with www.captivewifi.io

:rocket: Big news from our captive wifi development lab! We’ve just wrapped up developing the external Captive Portal for Alta Labs, now seamlessly integrated. :globe_with_meridians:

To celebrate, we’re offering two months of complimentary access to the Captive WiFi platform for all Alta Labs hardware users. Don’t miss out on this connectivity boost!
Sign up here and message our team hello@captivewifi.io and we will activate the two months FOC


£40 a month for just a captive portal seems a bit much…

This is a suspicious post to be honest. I would have expected something like this to be announced by the Alta team. $50 a month for a captive portal is going to need some serious justification as well.

We have worked directly with the @captivewifi team, and have verified their solution works as advertised. We are 100% open with working with 3rd party vendors, and they were very receptive and open to feedback :slight_smile:

disclaimer – we’re obviously not advertising or officially recommending any certain vendor, but we are working with multiple and it’s up to the end user to evaluate their best options :slight_smile:

Good to hear this Matt, just looked like a self advertisement which I didn’t know was allowed :slight_smile:

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Major justification…

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