DPI Data for individual devices... How to access?

Am I being completely thick or is it not there…

What I hear you ask? The DPI info on individual devices (you probably guessed given the title the topic!?)

When I click on a device in the list on the controller I expect to open up info about that device, traffic flows, throughput and most of all DPI… Is that not yet implemented or as I said am I being thick?

So if its there can someone point me in the right direction?



So far all I found find is that it’s only under “top active applications” on the dashboard.

There is some real-time information available via the web interface. You can view it by visiting the Devices page and hovering the cursor over the traffic graph of a device. The same info is also available on the Dashboard by hovering the cursor over the traffic graph of Top Active Devices.
Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 19.12.11

Not really the vision I had for the DPI info…!

Hi guys, we are still working on building out the UI for DPI and other stats/reporting. More will come soon :slight_smile:
Any requests, let us know… and we’ll take it into consideration.

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I look at this from a troubleshooting perspective. ie, if I get a complaint about garbled audio with wifi calling, then I want to see what might be hammering the AP.

That said, if I can’t use that data to do something then it’s just for looks. Can we shape down certain types of traffic? can we DSCP tag them? What can I do with the DPI data.

As far as more mundane wants, I need to look at applications or types of application (netflix and/or streaming video) and see top users there.