Download/Upload rate

Hello, I have created a guest wifi and set the speed to 5Mbit up/down. When I connect a MOBILE phone the speed is regulated to 5MBit up/down, when I connect to the laptop I unfortunately have full speed of my internet connection.

I have done some tests, the speed of the desktop PC (without network cable) with a Wi-Fi connection without a password is reduced, but the speed of a laptop with a Wi-Fi connection without a password is unfortunately not reduced. I always reconnected the Wi-Fi on both devices and also turned the connection off/on. no change.

@TomLeo Do you happen to have your laptop configured for unlimited upload/download for the that specific device’s settings? The device settings will override the SSID’s/PSK’s settings. If you need more help, please invite me to your site, and I’ll take a look. I’ll DM you with my account.

Thanks for the tip, I changed it right away. Works great, thanks

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