Download/upload limit for guest

So I set the download limit to 10Mbps, upload to 5Mbps.
However upon connecting to the guest network and doing a speed test I get unlimited.
My speed test results for download are greater than 400+ Mbps and upload is 40+ Mbps

@Wirepower84 Thanks for the post! Just to confirm, you have added a rate limit policy for the SSID?

Or have you created the rate limit policy within the individual passwords?

Have created a rate limit for password

Thanks for the reply. I am not able to replicate the issue here in our production or lab environment. I will ask Stephen from our team to DM you to see if we can take a look at your site.

Hi, did this issue ever get resolved, I’ve got the same problem, I’ve set my limit from the SSID and not the Network Password, so if it’s just a case of adding it there that’s fine, but it’s for a site I manage remotely so I don’t want to screw it up! :slight_smile:


It should work fine… I just tested it and it’s working. Maybe try it out and if you see any issues let us know and we can troubleshoot :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’m still having an issue.
I’ve set the download and upload to 5Mbps but it’s still allowing the full 20Mbps that’s available.

It’s in a Holiday let that shares the internet from the main house, and as it’s

only 20Mbps it’s quite important that it’s restricted.

I haven’t been able to test it myself, but I plan to head over at the weekend and have a look, so I can update the post afterwards.


Hello, I have the same problem. I set 5mbit download/upload, but I can use the entire bandwidth during the speed test using… unfortunately the limitation to 5mbit doesn’t work.

I have set up the limitation on a test WiFi

It was working fine for us, but let us do some testing and get back to you. Thanks for sharing your settings… There aren’t any known issues, but we’ll check it out and report back.

Ok, I’ve been back and retested and still when connected to the WiFi with the limit in place as on the above screenshot I got 22.3Mbps, but when I restrict it on the Individual WiFi setting it works fine. this is OK for now, but it still sounds like a bug to me.

I did rename the SSID from Beck View to BeckView too, just in case the space was causing any kind of issue.