Does PMF "on" work as "if capable" or "required"

I was wondering about the PMF advanced setting for SSID can either be toggled on or off. anyone knows if “on” still allows legacy devices that not necessarily supports PMF to connect and works as an “if capable” setting or if its more like if on it’s “required”? :slight_smile:

best regards Victor

@Victor197 Yes, a PMF setting of On makes it Optional.

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great thanks :slight_smile:

If this is optional, why is it when I have this on, all my Google speakers can’t connect to wifi, and my Nintendo switch can’t connect to the wifi?
The moment I switch it off, they connect

@Wirepower84 There are many devices that do not handle the optional PMF negotiation correctly, which is why we recommend disabling PMF if you have those types of devices on your network (or you can create a separate SSID just for those devices, etc.)