Discourse Tags?

I might be too new to create them yet, but will you allow forum users to create tags, or will you curate them? Obvious one is to create tags per product/model to easily search for APs / Switches etc. Others could be types “feature request” “bug”

Just curious do you not see the tags field? We haven’t really discussed that yet and obviously want to come up with a strategy to properly use them, but I think it’d be fun to start trying them out. If that field isn’t there maybe it’s a role issue, and I’ll figure out how to fix that or add you.

We don’t want to create a mess of random tags obviously, but I think now it’d be useful to try them out…

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No I can only pick from existing tags. Could be a discourse min trust level thing as a newly registered account (which is probably wise).

A couple of other discourse forums I’ve seen use tag groups to separate ‘staff tags’ from ‘user tags’ as one way of preserving some clarity while allowing users to add their own.