Different questions about alta AP's and Cloud

Hi guys I have a few questions after some testing
I only have one AP so wanted to know how the APs respond to roaming, is it like some others that disassociate and re-associate with a device?
how does the ap allocate users between each other?
with Alta being a cloud solution does it affect the APs if the web interface/mobile app goes down?
and follow up to that; passwords. are they stored locally at the AP or in the cloud

Hi @Victor197

  • Roaming is ultimately based on the client, but with the latest WiFi improvements roaming is definitely improved. And as long as you’re not using older/legacy clients, you can enable the “Fast Roaming” feature for a more seamless experience
  • The client device makes the decision about which access point to connect to, usually based on signal levels, etc
  • If for some reason the APs cannot reach the cloud management platform, but still have access to the internet, and you have the “Always On” feature enabled, they will continue to operate normally.
  • The APs store the WPA & private SSH keys if you’ve added any. There is a separate Alta SSO platform that manages your login information for the cloud (and the forum) :slight_smile:

Hope that helps, let me know if you need any clarification!


Hi @Alta-MattH
thanks it helped a lot :slight_smile:

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