Devices not connecting but to one AP... Anyone else experience this?

Hi Folks,

I’m still investigating and perhaps its a fluke but all but one of my ALTA APs had zero devices connected to them and the one that was working is wayyyyyyyyyy in the back while the others are practically in party central.

I got a phone call roughly 7pm EST about this.

Anyone notice anything odd?

Any logs to look at specifically while this is fresh?

Unfortunately I had to turn the SSID’s back on the Meraki’s and Ubiquiti’s for a quick solution in order to get users back online.

Screenshot before I started making changes in ALTA Dashboard:

Thanks in advance for your help and time!

@SonNgo I’ll chat with you offline :slight_smile:

This issue is closed for now.

With the help of ALTA Support, they did notice an AP on a different subnet that the others.

While investigating onsite, one of the APs might’ve been on a different network which could have been causing a conflict and made the other APs run only on Mesh mode.

I turned of Mesh Mode (for now) and moved the one AP to the same switch as the other APs since it was on a POE Injector to be sure its on the same network and every thing seems to be running smoothly so far.

This is likely a case of “User Error” and not ALTA APs (phew!)


Just a general follow up, the APs have been working fine as expected so definiately a fubar of having one of the APs on a different subnet by accident so glad things are working fine! Thanks for ALTA support for helping to chat even though it was a local issue =)

Thanks @SonNgo And thanks again for the feedback!